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Everything descends from Above,
but man must fashion the receptacle.

The wider the receptacle, the sweeter the blessing!

Michoel is an innovative educator, outdoor enthusiast and avid photographer. Michoel grew up in Australia where he used the 'Outback' to refine his photography skills. He pursued studies at Mayanot in Israel, the Rabbinical College of America in New Jersey and Rabbinical studies at Kollel Menachem in Brooklyn NY. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Sarah, and daughter. Read more about his organization at
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David Chester Petach Tikva, Israel September 21, 2011

The Recepticle If that is all it takes we obviously need to widen the receptacle or at least think in broader terms. The proper study of Man is Man (and Woman) so what we need are social studies about how to manage in this hostile world. Although our Bible and Mishnah/Talmud provide us with lots of information and some inspired efforts have been made to collect and summarize it, there is a need for more and better knowledge to be spread. In particular and as a direct result of the growing poverty, it seem that macroeconomics should be better taught and clarified. I am writing a book on the subject if there are any takers I would be glad to help. Reply

The Baal Shem Tov taught that "everything a person sees is a lesson in the service of G-d." Join Michoel on a weekly photo shoot to explore the wisdom of Torah and Chassidic thought through the camera's lens.
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