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The sages of the Talmud take it as a given that tefillin are put on the left arm (or the right arm of a lefty) and offer several reasons…

All of Jewish philosophy is but an attempt to fit inside the human mind that which is contained within the heart of a simple Jew.

It will never fit.

But perhaps the mind, once aware of its inadequacy, will awaken the heart from its slumber.

Hayom Yom, 19 Shvat.

Parshah (Weekly Torah)
We know that Jacob, and all the patriarchs, kept the commandments of the Torah that would be later given to their descendants. Why, then, did Jacob marry sisters, a direct prohibition?
Jewish Tales from the Past
Who Are You?
Something Spiritual on Parshat Vayeitzei
Jewish News
Book sold out its first printing this summer and is now available once again
A beautiful video surrounding the story of when the Rebbe suffered a severe heart attack on the night of Shemini Atzeres in 1977.
The Rebbe’s message to his chassidim a day after he suffered a heart attack.
You are needed to illuminate your environment with Torah and service of the heart (prayer). Livelihood and what you need—that, G‑d must provide for you. You do what you must, and G‑d will do what He must . . .
– Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi to a chassid who complained about his difficulty in earning a livelihood
Passing of Maharsha (1631)
Kislev 5 is the yahrtzeit (date of the passing) of Rabbi Shemuel Eliezer Eidel's (1555-1631), known... Read More »
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