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King Hezekiah Falls Ill (548 BCE)
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Ezra and Followers Depart Babylon (348 BCE)
A year following the building of the second Temple in Jerusalem (see Jewish History for the 3rd of... Read More »
In today's "Nasi" reading (see "Nasi of the Day" in Nissan 1), we read of the gift bought by the nasi... Read More »
When Moses ascended to heaven, he found G-d sitting and writing "forbearing." Said Moses to G-d: "Master of the Universe! Forbearing to the righteous?" Said G-d: "Also to the wicked." Said Moses: "Let the wicked perish!" Said G-d: "See now that you will need this." When Israel sinned, G-d said to Moses: "Did you not tell Me to be forbearing only toward the righteous?" Said Moses to Him: "Did You not say to me, 'Also to the wicked'?"
– Talmud, Sanhedrin 111a

The biblical slavery of Egypt represents bondage to your own self.

Every day, every moment, must be an exodus from the self.

If you’re not leaving Egypt, you’re already back there.

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